Friday, 3 October 2008

San Jose tracker night

Enthusiast Lorin Guy got a bunch of former and current racers and tuners and flat track fans together last week in San Jose CA for "Tracker Night". Good food and adult beverages were served. Joe Leonard was there, and Ray Abrams brought out the
infamous Kenny Roberts TZ750 mile racer machine and started it up for the crowds enjoyment, it was ear-splitting loud. Lots of other beautiful race machines and street trackers were displayed in the show also. I wore my new SIDEBURN shirt proudly, and took some snapshots of the fun.

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Anonymous said...

And in the last pic, that's Al "Motormouth" Webber, Chris Rudy and, I believe, young Jethro Halbert. Jethro Halbert is talented and very very fast, keep an eye out, he's gonna be famous.