Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bonneville Performance

Are the Florida-based company that brought the Triumph name back to Grand National flat track racing. Oh yes. Here's their big-bore Hinckley Bonnie in action.



Just hearing some roumours from the states saying the AMA are changinr the rules forcing the Triumphs out !!!!
Day javuuuuu ?
Steve .#59

Anonymous said...

Not just Triumph but Aprilia,BMW and KTM aswell,any twin over 700 cc is to be heavily restricted,unless its an XR of course.the hot ticket appears to be an SVX550 Aprilia or 650 ER Kawasaki !

Griff said...

650 Suzuki's too apparently.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

WTF! what happens if Triumph re-names their bike
'Bonneville XR' I wonder?

Has anyone also heard that they are going to drop the Framer class? i.e. no more C&J / TrackMaster / Wood / Boss / Sonic Weld / Soma Rush etc etc. Only factory-made (modern crosser-style) frames will be permitted.

Flip your patch FTF!

Do you think they will be telling us which exclusive brand of beer we may drink track-side next?

Tim White said...

Yep, they're dropping the single-cylinder framers, on cost grounds. MX-based stock frames from here on out . . .