Friday, 31 October 2008

The craziest bodge we've ever seen

Engine Reassembly Part II
There was still a lot of residue from material blasting the head, so I needed to clean it well with spray carb cleaner, and compressed air. I have no air compressor, so I stole an idea from to make a simple air blower from an empty spray can, the presta valve from a bicycle tube, and JB Weld. Redneck Air cans are GOOOOO!
via SB fan


Ringadingdoo said...


19711007 said...

just don't go over 100psi/7 bar, folks!

Happy Halloween!

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Dear 19711007
now would be a good time to add a legal disclaimer.

Mick_P said...

Love it. I'm a fan of quality bodges and this is one of them. Looking forward to trying it and then changing my name to Mick the Cyclops.