Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bell helmet

More from Jason. This is turning into a Jason love-in. He bought one of those expensive Ruby Atelier open faces, had it painted silver by the factory and then it didn't fit his noggin. And because it was a custom paintjob they wouldn't give him a refund. Balls. This is the replacement. He's nearly as obsessed with helmets are Sideburn's Ben. Anyone want to buy a Ruby M in silver?

'The replacement for the Ruby is a NOS, in the box with spare decals and visor, Bell helmet. It's an ebay purchase, so could well be crap. I'll still paint it and replace the lining. Hopefully this should put and end to the endless search for that perfect lid.'



YZ400BEN said...

Is he mad? Bell are remaking the R-T. Check out www.grandprixlegends/bell.
Mind you-I've got 6 lids in the shed too.

#15 said...

Hey, I have 2 black Bell Jet helmets too!! 1 worn once and 1 brand new!! I got them just before I decided to stick to racing on dirt ovals!! anybody interested, drop me a line

Anonymous said...

Is he mad? Seems so.
I had ordered the new RT, they're due in soon. I've cancelled now. All modern lids are massive and make me look even more of a tool than usual.


SonicSeb said...

I fully share this kind of helmet madness :)

Mohd Azfar said...

Hye..u have helmet bell ?

Mohd Azfar said...

Hey..u want sell helmet bell ?what siaiz u have?