Friday, 7 November 2008


Joe Anderson, the fella who, with his mate, rode from California to Maine and back in his rat Sportster in issue 2. Yes? Well, he got the copy of Sideburn 2 we sent him and said this...
'I did get the magazines and I've read my copy about 4 times through and loved it. The article on Ian and I was rad (he liked it too) and i loved the one on Kenny Roberts. I'm inspired, I have a 55 chevy truck that I'm going to trade for a SR500 tracker so I can start racing the local short track.'
thanks Gary!

If there are any racers in Capistrano, CA who want to help Joe out, not that he's asked but he doesn't know how far we reach, leave a comment and we'll make sure Joe finds out.

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Get up to Perris fot the Flattrack meet NEXT WEEK !
Me n Sideburn girl 'll see u there , look 4 the T-shirts !
Steve n Rach .(UK)