Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Dirtbombs

Been listening to this a lot. Hard soul with a garage punk edge. The Dirtbombs are Detroit's finest. And they're playing Europe this week, I've just discovered. I'm going to see them in Leeds if I can swing it. Fancy sharing a car Austin, Adrian...

European Tour 2008

01 Dec 2008 Dublin, Ireland Whelans

02 Dec 2008 Galway, Ireland Roisin Dubh

03 Dec 2008 Belfast, Ireland Limelight

04 Dec 2008 Leeds, UK The Faversham

05 Dec 2008 Minehead, UK All Tomorrows' Parties Nightmare Before Christmas Festival

07 Dec 2008 Rotterdam, Holland Waterfront

08 Dec 2008 Hamburg, Germany Molotow

10 Dec 2008 Oslo, Norway Garage

11 Dec 2008 Gothenburg, Sweden Pusterviksbaren

12 Dec 2008 Stockholm, Sweden Gearclub @ Debaser

13 Dec 2008 Lund, Sweden Mjeret

14 Dec 2008 Berlin, Germany Magnet

15 Dec 2008 Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso

16 Dec 2008 Antwerp, Belgium Trix


Austin said...

bugger, woulda been up for this but i'm in the studio on thursday evening overdubbing guitars. gimme a shout next time tho, there's been a serious lack of decent gigs lately

Skylar said...

These dudes are tremendous, I see them in Detroit all the time, and my brother played them at his wedding, thanks for the UK love

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Maybe we should do a duet on Britain's Got Tallent - we're ugly enough, if we can just sing like little choir boys, then we'd start bustin' the You Tube counter.
We could wear Sideburn T shirts to direct punters to the website.