Sunday, 2 November 2008

On Any Sunday

OK so it's not sunny California, it's sunny Scunthorpe in Northern England - well not yet, it's 7am & decent folk are still in bed. We're hauling the Wood Rotax off the not so cool Fiat Multipla; its hardly Mert Lawwill & Jack Dunn in their Chevy van, but we feel cool none the less. Flat track is here to stay, comedy facial hair is not. BP


Mick_P said...

No, this is a still from a French post-realist film. Dirk Psycho and Jean le Lobotomie are crossing the bleak Normandy flatlands.

Dirk: But it will be always like this. The darkness, the weary fight for the soul of man, the endless nothingness of existential angst in a world that cares not whether we live or die. Either way, we are alone. Alone.

Jean: Fuck me Dirk, lighten up man. So you've got a flat spot at three and a half grand. We'll play with some jetting when we get there. Shall we stop for a bacon bap?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Great comment Mick P. I was just too embarassed to show my exitentialist side in public. Coincidentally we did stop for a bacon bap at a truckers caff on the B1205. How perceptive of you. It was truly disgusting. As for the 'coffee', I've tasted better diluted Dot4.