Thursday, 27 November 2008

It's not what you ride, but how you ride it (no.6)

Holy smokes. Respect due. Anyone know who this legend is? Photo by Justin Kosman taken on the 2008 El Diablo Run down to Mehiho.

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We found this on Bubble visor


Mick P said...

My guess is that he's a member of the popular rock group, Iron Maiden. You only have to look at his T-shirt, you dummies. So perhaps it's Bruce Dickinson?

YZ400BEN said...

Looks like we may have a solution to all those helmet woes out there-just pop a baseball cap under your lid and you won't look a tool at all! You'll be beating off them pretty asian girls with a stick. Maybe.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

All pizza delivery boys, and scooter couriers in Amsterdam sport the baseballcap insert look. I think it's to do with shielding the THC abused eyeballs from daylight.

BCM said...

EDR 2008

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Thanks for the info & link BCM.