Saturday, 22 November 2008

Train shoes, blue jeans, blue top, off road bike...

Found this in a pile of paperwork and magazines in Sideburn's UK HQ. It brought back memories. Ben was over from Holland to see and photograph the Mildenhall race in 2007. Before we left here we decided to bump my race bike down the street - a lot easier on tarmac that in a dusty pit. It starts like a dream, I do a U-turn and am about to wheelie up the street when a fat guy driving a grey saloon points at me and starts mouthing something. He screeches to a halt, throws open the door and it's obvious he's a copper.

'I could take that bike and crush it,' he tells me while Ben drags my boy up the street to show I'm a parent not some pikey thief. The copper sees sense and leaves me this little reminder. Reading between the lines it says 'If you're gonna to ride you race bike down the street make sure the old bill aren't watching.'


Mick P said...

Still peddling that 5ft 9in line, eh? And train shoes? Are those the Thomas the Tank Engine ones your mum bought you in Christmas 2006?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

MP, Gary was actually wearing metalic purple Elton John style choo-choo train platforms, Hence the real reason he got tugged & the Officer's generous hight estimation.