Thursday, 20 November 2008

Love letter

Jason forwarded this letter to us. It's from his friend Chris in the USA. It makes me laugh.

I got my copy of SB2 today. It is great. That XR of yours is incredible. where is it now? Did you really "flog the rest of the Wood at a loss"? I'm glad you were at least able to use the wheels and tires i sent. The wheels really did come from Joe Kopp and it is ironic that I got the shipping crate from Kenny Roberts Jr after his wedding. The whole mag looks great. I know Kenny Roberts, Max Schaaf and the guy who owns that road rocket XR1000. Who cares! I wanna know where to get a pink lame' bomber jacket and trick w650 so I can ride to heaven and hang out with that metro racing angel. My gawd is she HAAAAWT!!

You wrote on the note that the picture in the mag was of you. I assume yer the bloke carrying the tires right? I'm gonna have to have surgery on my knee at some point but for now I can walk and play guitar. Do you have any friends that play guitar? I'm selling two beautiful Gibson guitars. One is an electric 1958 Cusom historic reissue Les Paul junior and the other a cherry condition 1993 Gibson L-1 acoustic blues machine. If interested I'll send photos of both. The price would be cheap by British standards. Free health care, HAH!!

God Bless, Chris-sufferin-Sutherland

Here's another shot of a Metro Racing Angel just for Chris.


Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

"Err excuse me Love, your throttle cable has just fallen out - or are you already phoning for a new one?"

McQmoto said...

I was just about to offer to reach between her legs - to reconnect it...