Thursday, 27 November 2008

Super Size Me

Which XR would you rather race / head out of town on / show-off down the pub / have in your garage / call your own? A regular Dr Pepper or a Super Size Coke?


Anonymous said...

No brainer..

David said...

Talk about the beauty and the beast.

(and I mean "beast" in a very bad way. And not "bad" as in "cool").

Anonymous said...


McQmoto said...

The original 70 XR is one of the most beautiful, elemental race machines ever (hardtail KR anyone?). I prefer the look of the iron mill, even if it never worked as well as the alloy motor.

I dispair of Harley ever producing a road bike worthy of the XR name. The 1200 just looks like a lardy cash-in but at least its an improvement on the stock Sporty.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Dr Peppers all round then.

mjkazmierski said...

Indeed... wonder how many of the new 1200 piglets Hog have sold in Europe, and whether their decision to start shipping them back West is anything to do with unsold stocks?

It's the engine... it's the anthisesis of Sportsterdom - looks big enough to power an ocean liner... the rest could be chopped and changed, but you just can't start chiselling a new powerplant. What a "plonker"


I would have to agree !
And you all know why !
And that new thing don't deserve the name unless it's
FAT bastid.

SpeedJunkies said...

ill take the #4 and one of the later Alloy models!