Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ben's Yamaha

Hey Gary and Ben

Thanks for SB2-really dig that King Kenny thing. Gotta love of those '70s half-milers too!

My 'tracker is nearly done, just needs a bit of fettling. Not sure whether to spray it yellow and get some vinyl speed block graphics cut, or to leave it in the raw.

Will get the front wheel relaced to an alloy rim, stick a rear brake on then she's done. Oh, and Don Castro's No 11 on the front!

Later, Ben Charlton


#39 said...

Sweet looking machine. Yellow is overdone, don't paint it, or paint it anything but yellow. What's the round thing over the front number plate?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

It's the speedo. He's going to ride it on the road.

wol said...

tidy looking bike - not too knowledgeable on jap bikes (brit freak but getting over it!)looking to build sommat similar; what model engine / frame have you used?

YZ400BEN said...

She's a sorted '75 YZ400 engine in a chopped early DT250 twin shock frame with YZ rear wheel, forks and clamps. Hand spun underslung exhaust and a huge Mikuni flat slide carb-this thing breathes fire! Bodywork handmade by Rich Marsh in alloy-tank a copy of my original Champion. Just need to stick on a dry cell battery and rig up a rear light and she's going in for the MOT. If anyone wants any tanks made, drop a line thru the blog and I'll post Rich's number.

Daniel said...

How about raw with vinyl speed blocks in the colour of your choosing?

YZ400BEN said...

Hey-you lot have talked me round! She's staying in the metal with plain black speedblock graphics with a black border. I've cut some alloy plates to replace those plastic race ones-they look too much like icecream tub lids! The plates will go white with No.11 on 'em

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

I hunted high & low for THE flat track racing numbers font. 'Roadgeek 2005 Old Parks Regular' comes pretty close.

YZ400BEN said...

Thanks BP-
Have downloaded Roadgeeks 2005 Old Parks Open font. The numbers are the bomb! BC