Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sunshine Superman

Regular SB blog geezer Wayne Karcich was looking through old posts when he found this one about a Yamaha TR1 race bike. And he wrote to ask:

'Dude! Where was this pic from? I rode this bike at Pomona last year. It's a 100 hp Yamaha, about 900cc. I'm hoping to beg a ride on it for the Stockton Ca mile race this year. It belongs to a guy named Bud Riddle.
Here's a pic of me riding the animal at Lodi and Pomona.'

Well, we don't know where it came from. Sorry, Wayne. Lovely shots of you riding though.

New third picture added, thanks to Poppa Wheelie. Shot in the paddock at Pomona.



First pic is awesome!

Giannis said...

Somebody needs to make the first pic a Poster, ill buy it!!! Awesome! So.... "On Any Sunday"

Tim White said...

That first one is great! I wonder who is responsible?

Griff said...
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