Tuesday, 31 March 2009

UK racer buys Rollie Free's Vincent!

Jason has bought one of the most famous motorcycles in history...

Hi Gary/Ben
Recently I had an evening all to myself, when the wife went out with a couple of work friends. I think she must have gone to Heston’s Fat Duck restaurant, because I’m sure I overheard her say that she was looking forward to having a cockatoo in cider. Sounds horrible to me, I don't think I'd fancy it much.

Anyways, this lead to me spending the evening on the internet, which is where I stumbled across a great website called ebay, for those unfamiliar with this place, let me tell you, it’s great. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a bit like paying good money for the contents of your neighbors loft. But the best part has to be creating a new name for yourself. Because most names are already taken I decided to create a computer programme to assist in name selection. For example, Richard a Subsidence Inspector, who likes playing records and riding his Suzuki GSF1200, becomes Dickjockeycrackbandit. Ah hmm, perhaps that needs some work still.

After a bidding frenzy, I managed to win my first auction, which was really exciting because I never used to win anything. I’m on a winning streak at the moment as I’ve also won the Nigerian lottery, even though I can’t remember buying a ticket. How lucky is that? I’ve still have to receive my winnings but I guess it takes time to process the £100,000 administration fee.

Anyways…Back to ebay, basically with my soon to be buying power, I was able to win Rollie Free’s famous record breaking Vincent for just £2500.10p! That’s a steal I hear you cry. It’s not complete but I suppose its a few years old now and you know how bikes get taken apart and bits lost, we’ve all done it. Infact what looks like a HT lead is all that remains and it’s badly cracked, but I shall rebuild this piece of history. Luckily it came with an authenticating speeding ticket too.

I have quite a lot to do so if there’s anyone out there with bits from Rollie’s bike I’d be delighted to hear from you. Cash waiting.

Best regards


Ringadingdoo said...


Im sure I have a spoke somewhere to go along with that HT lead.... a snip at only £3000

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the bike! However, I doubt it’s the record braking one since it is already in a collection.


Actually i think you will find that mr Free's Vincent actually used a champion spark plug cap - one that in fact i have in my posession .
Thus making me the owner of said vincent .
See you in court .

By Hand and By Brain said...

who cares-jason is witty as hell and that story is excellent@