Monday, 19 October 2009

Instant Hairy Chest

Ever get sand kicked in your face? Tried a Bullworker but only ever got it to twang in your face? Well how about this for an instant bollock swelling dose of testosterone... Larry Pegram's Red Menace Ducati - as featured in SB#4 is for sale over on flat $17,000 worth of Lloyd brothers hairy finesse. BP

BP: 'How come you're selling ?!'
DL: 'The bike that is for sale is the stock frame duc that PEGRAM raced at Springfield and made the main on, not the framed bike that you featured. I have a deposit already to hold the bike until the end of the year. We are gonna start building another framer over the winter.
I got my copies [of SB#4] last week. Awesome thanks for the press. The mag is great. I bought a subscription and plan on spreading the word.
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Dave Lloyd


McQmoto said...

Gosh! $17,000 doesn't seem too much to ask for a National 'bike, I must have a chat with my wife about what that colour would go with around the house....

Neilc said...

What sort of tank and rear cowling is this bike running?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Harley XR tank, Ducati Sport Classic set. Buy the mag for all the info. G

Paul said...

Ah yeah!