Friday, 5 February 2010

Indy Mile on VBS

VBS TV (part of the the Vice magazine stable) is a online TV station aimed at mid-20s skinny jean wearers. They've posted a couple of quite slickly produced programmes introducing their viewers to dirt track. It was all filmed at the Indy Mile with some additional 1970s footage. Well worth watching, even if the editing goes all weird at the end of the race when Kenny Roberts, Kenny Coolbeth and, I think, JD Beach of the Pro Singles class take the flag.
You also see Brandon Robinson's hideous crash.
Thanks to Skooter Farm Dave for the tip-off.

The Indy Mile - Americana 1 of 2
The Indy Mile - Americana 2 of 2

UPDATE: As you'll see if you read the comments, Adam Wright helped produce these films. We think he means films rather that put the money up. Adam is the man behind the Road Course and Hauler photo books. He shot Richard of Mule Motorcycles for Sideburn 3 and Nicole Cheza and Shayna Texter for Sideburn 5. It seems as good a time as any to say SB5 is coming along nicely, but we still have plenty to get finished. March? Hopefully.


KrookStreetRacing said...

Thanks for the link, I really liked that!

And BTW: great article in "EVO" on Guy Martin. What a character.


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Anonymous said...

Hey GI this is the one i helped produce. My favorite part was where they show me.

stuman714 in Indy said...

This was GREAT coverage of the mile here at Indy. I sent the guy an e-mail and thanked them for doing such a great job.
Thanks for the link-you guys are on the cutting edge as always. Also, the pic you used--it's from Peoria--must be '76 or '77 from the young looking Bill Werner and Springer!
Take care and keep up the great work!

Red Torpedo said...

Thanks Stuman, yeah, there's a good glimpse of Peoria and flying twins. We'd love to use some of your incredible archive in an upcoming issue. Let us know if that sounds like a plan. Thanks G

Sideburn Magazine said...

Stu, Like a dumbo, I left a comment while signed in on another blog. It's not Red Torpedo that wants to use your photos it's good old SIDEBURN! G

stuman714 in Indy said...

You want it you got it--let me know I'd be thrilled and glad to help!

DeVillier said...

hey G. Yeah i just pointed them in the right directions. And drank beers. They were filming a road course doc also. Busy dudes.