Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Beijing Scene

From a Sideburn fan in China (Russell's not a very Chinese name, though is it?).

Here's some pics of our motoring in Beijing, I just finished off my little Suzuki bobber, its a 250 grasstracker (JDM) lowered, bare metal tank, bars, Supertrapp etc..great for round town.

Few random points...all these bikes in the pics are essentially illegal, no plates (fake if they do have them)..the cops dont really enforce unless some major carnage gets some public press.
Amazing place to ride, mountains / highways / no speed-limits + really bad drivers makes for colorful motoring.

I'm going to keep you posted with with the scene here, as there is heaps going on...and its kinda interesting.
Cheers, Russell Haines

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MikeRyan said...

looks interesting - any tips for where to head to check the 'scene' out, am going to be in Beijing for a few days in a couple of weeks time... cheers Mike