Monday, 29 March 2010

Wigan - Reader pics 1

From Rich. Lovely, thanks.

Alright guys,
Hope your heads are feeling alright today and you're ready for tomorrow. Party was ace, well done on organising such a good knees up. Stags and Johnny Alpha were class, as was the Tadcaster bitter at £1.80.
Got a few pics on this newfangled app on the iphone - thought you might like a couple, think they kind of fit the vintage of the venue.

UPDATE: From Rich - 'The app is called Hipstamatic - if you search the appstore on your phone by category
and photography you should find it.'


Austin said...

what app is that, i want it?

Perki said...

i took some photo's using Hipstamatic aswell, just need to upload them :) it's a pretty cool little app!