Monday, 15 March 2010

Project FT Update

We bought a cheapie Apico clutch lever that was anodised a hideous off-gold, then had our friends at Racefit re-anodise it black. Carl's stuck the tyres on the original rims too. The front is a Dunlop K180 race tyre (thanks Jason), the rear is a brand new, Van-Van front Dunlop K180 road tyre (thanks Bryn).
Now we need some discs, but we want a bigger 320mm disc for the front (because we've swapped the forks) and can't find one that will fit the hub. It looks like we'll have to get one made up. G

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DP Race Tech said...

Those rims looks just like the Suzuki 18" rims with rear drumbrake I just today bought for my YZ490 Street Tracker project, planing on running no front brake and a "less is more" look...

DP says: [url][/url]