Sunday, 21 March 2010

Kempton Snaps

Patrick it was good to meet you and The French Connection, briefly. There was murderous queue trying to get out of the in-field when I left, so me and P came back to find you for a John Smith, but you were nowhere to be found - à la prochaine. How about shooting your bike for SB#6? BP


mp said...

Hi Yea I was there, I stayed all day. I must have walked by without knowing who You were. I saw a bunch of french dudes were they Your lot?
I got some pictures have a look here CFH

Sideburn Magazine said...

Balls Maxwell.
Due to the circumstances of weather beyond my control my Sideburn T was hidden bellow waxed cotton. Maybe we need to do a merchandise line of Sideburn kagools for such happenings.

Yes I was hanging out with the French dudes - I was the one without neck tattoos or a can of John Smith permanently in my hand. But I was wearing a beret.

Looks like we share the same taste in bikes. My favourite was the 1929 Norton ES2, but at £11 big ones just a pipe dream.


mp said...

Yea the indian was maybe a bit over shiny or something. I loved the black AJS that came out of Andy Tiernans van. (in the pic on CFH) It was £7000 quid. I would love to go about on one of those.
Some old guy got an M20 girder for £40 quid. I just payed £200 quid for the same thing. Argh

Sideburn Magazine said...

- Ah but how many times did you stroke your beard before you made your offer?

The Americans have poker, we have beard stoking / flat cap doffing / tyre kicking gambling. It's an Anglo Saxon art form that includes long damp sessions of calculation even before you get to the eye-ball stage.