Thursday 18 March 2010

Skooter Farm Racing

Team Skooter Farm are referred to a lot on this blog, but I don't know if they've ever been explained. The team's founders are old friends from the North-West of England Dave Arnold and Jon 'Captain Highside' Lee. I met up with the fellas and was invited to joining the team about five years ago. We were proud of our record of at least one member of team racing every single round of the UK short track series and crashing at least once a round. Then we all got a bit better (Jon was always bloody good, to be honest), so Dave invited new blood to join to maintain the crashing record. Jason and Steve Red Max joined in 2008 and Wilky debuted at the last race of 2009.
At full strength there are six of us with the invaluable help of Joe, Louise and Diane making sure we don't miss a heat (easier said than done as we all run two classes).
The team are spread over the full length of the country and are nothing more than a few mates who love racing. It's a social club. If I hadn't have met Dave and Jon I probably wouldn't be racing now and I certainly wouldn't be having as much fun.
And everyone is working in their garages on their bikes for the new season. I was proud of the team when I got this photo of his new hand-painted (not stickers) tank from Jason this morning. The season's nearly here and Skooter Farm are getting ready to race. GI


Austin said...

I still wear my Skooter Farm tee with pride, gotta be something of a rarity these days? Dress for the ride, not the crash boys!

Captain Highside said...

Team orders at Kings Lynn?