Monday, 8 March 2010

Sideburn 5 Special Offer

Sideburn 5 is due to land on March 22. You can buy the magazine for the normal rates or choose the special offer mag + one T-shirt. All prices include postage (recorded in UK and EU).

UK - £15
Europe - €20
USA - $27
Rest of World - £20

The T-shirt has the logo in yellow, on a dark grey Gildan pre-shrunk top quality T-shirt. We have men's S to XXL and FOR THE FIRST TIME ladies skinny fit in small. You can pre-order NOW to avoid disappointment. Remember to give your T-shirt size.

We have 1 x XXL, 1 x L and 5 x S and 5 ladies.

If existing subscribers want to take up this offer they can pay the rate and have their subscription extended by one issue.
Anyone wanting more than one T-shirt (perhaps his and hers) should email us at dirt @ (but take out the spaces).
Thanks G


KrookStreetRacing said...

Great offer. Paypal sent!

minx said...

...big time like!...

originalracingsnake said...

Funds sent. Brilliant idea Gary.

originalracingsnake said...

T is the best quality yet. Funky colourway too.

As for SB5, well, I'm frightened to read it beyond page 12, in case it ends.