Wednesday, 14 July 2010


It's Tattoo Wednesday. Here Dan Walsh and Skooter Farm's Captain Highside indulge in a little male bonding. GI
PS Stevie Coles left a comment saying he didn't see Dan. Perhaps he wants to look further than the end of his nose.


stevie coles said...

you got me!.
yep in truth i did see him, but jus didnt know what 2 say to him.
he's done it all, and im just a nobody.
would have the same problem trying to talk to my all time fav racer james whitham.
guess im jus not worthy!.

stevie coles said...

plus,its a big nose to look past!!!

Anonymous said...

Oi, Big Nose!

I'd have a tenner on you beating Walsh and Whitham round Stoke speedway tho'.

(Each way, obviously)
Tim S. #80.