Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pedalcycho Tour de France

From our man Chris Watson who will illustrate another story for us in SB#6. BP

'Its been the most exciting Tour in years [finishes Sunday], leaders all very close!
Schleck attacked Contador, Schleck's chain fell off, Alberto Contador attacked Schleck - here for details
Lance Armstrong fell and lost minutes so has given up hope of winning, World Champ Cadel Evans was in yellow for a day - but in the mountains he nearly had to quit in pain as it turned out he'd fractured his elbow in a heavy fall the day before.
Cavendish's lead out man Mark Renshaw was sent home for foul play - Renshaw did a track style headbutting to a rival who was dangerously trying to elbow him off his line - fair enough but then Renshaw dangerously blocked Tyler Farrar who was coming thru on Cav's wheel.'
Ai chihuahua! CW

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stevie coles said...

yep been a great race, shame about running the cobbles stage early on, did exactly the opposite of what they were tryin 2 achive!.
"slow contador", instead all the crashing took out a great rider, and cost a bunch o people a load o time.
well done!.
hey g!. is the van carpet in?.
you know the bike will luv ya for it!!.