Saturday, 10 July 2010

Indonesian Budget Barhopper

You remember Gifny from Hajarbroxx Motorcycles, right? Built the Indonesian street tracker. No, not Indiana, Indonesia. Yep, that's him. Anyway, he got back in touch.

How are you doing? I always enjoy your amazing pics on Sideburn everyday..... Just in case you want to put my latest work....It's a 1976 Honda CB100. It's a low-budgeted project owned by a friend of mine. Only swapped the swing arm with a Honda GL200, added bigger tires, and a custom Commando-style tailpiece. Engine is bored up with a 200cc piston. And just put matte paints to get the raw look. Building process can be seen at our Facebook page (!/pages/Hajarbroxx-Motorcycles/115078248506795?ref=ts
) ...hope you like it!
Anyway what's your paypal address? I'd like to order the Sideburn magazines....
cheers, Gifny, Hajarbroxx Motorcycles - Indonesia

Note: Barhopper is just how I'd describe this machine. I'm not saying anyone is frequenting any bars on this bike. Especially if they are good Muslims. Cup of tea, anyone? GI


Josh said...

BUDGET? That thing looks like a million bucks.

Borde said...

Very nice bike. I'd like to do something like that with a Yamaha SR250 there are lots of them in my country.

Borde said...

Like this one.

danielrahmansyah said...

josh : it cost me about 400 bucks, i think that is very cheap. the costum garage did an awsome job in combining my budget, my expectations and style.