Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Barbara Fritchie Classic 2010

From Greg L...

Heard about the 4th of July Barbara Fritchie Classic from Sideburn last year... so I rode up to Frederick, Maryland yesterday. It was blue skies and hot! The track got as much maintenance action as the time spent racing. Dusty as hell but the crew kept the surface fairly rut free and fast. Saw rooster tails from the berm ripped up by the National Numbers in the Twins Class. The Classic is not on the National Circuit, but had some good riding in the Expert Twins and Singles Classes. "People watching" was the best entertainment, from Pagan Bikers to kids chasing the water trucks for a spray job. One old guy looked like he rolled around in a bag of dirt... such sacrifice for a close-up look at a crossed up racer!! In the end, Baker took Carver in the Singles and Sammy Halbert rode great to beat Wiles and Australian Luke Gough in Twins.

Oh yeah, Wiles gets the interview and Sammy gets the girls! You got any girls in the UK? See ya, Greg.

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Oliver said...

I raced and took 4th this year in the "open vintage" class. let me tell you it was HOT!!! leathers,boots and a helmet in 95+ sucks... I have raced other 1/2 mile tracks and let me tell you fredrick is a tricky track. its has a slight down hill slope from turns 2 to 3 and its narrow! I found myself going in way too hot and sliding straight towards hay bails and fence posts on more than 1 occasion. I cant wait for next year.!

Nick said...

Sounds great to watch, not to great to ride