Monday, 12 July 2010

CCM Flat Track Experience - places available

If all these photos of UK short track are whetting your appetite, making you want to dip your toe in the go fast, turn left pool, then the first step is attending Europe's only flat track school - the CCM Flat Track Experience. Some of the best racers in the UK (including current UK and European Champion, Peter Boast - that's him below) are the instructors. First you're taught the basics on 150cc minibikes (Sammy Halbert still practices on 150s all winter), then in the afternoon get to ride CCM FT35 full size 450cc flat trackers, finishing off the day with a race against your fellow students (the shot above is from a recent school. These are the students, not the instructors).
This is exactly the same way Chris Carr taught a class of racers when he came over last year.

Sideburn reader Guy Sutherland did the school a couple of months ago, bought a KTM and was racing, and in the mix, this weekend. He didn't stop smiling all weekend and he'd never raced a thing in his life before.

There are a few places left on the next Buxton, Derbyshire school on July 25. Go to CCM Flat Track Experience for more details.

If you do book, please tell them you saw the school on Sideburn's blog. GI

Photo: Dan Walsh


Anonymous said...

bravo guy!.
some mega riding for your 1st time out.
better get to work on a thunderbike for nxt yr aswell!!.

guy said...

Cheers Steve....probably the most fun I've had on a bike! Everyone I spoke to made me feel very welcome...a fantastic day. Definitely need a thunderbike for next year though.

The CCM FT Experience was an excellent day and I would recommend it to anyone, it really inspired me to just go for it.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Guy you told me very sheepishly at Stoke that it was your first race out on the dirt. I thought to myself 'Great, well at least I wont be last today'. And then you went and beat me you bastard.

guy said...

My luck was in, I should have bought a Lottery ticket too. Don't worry BP it won't happen again!