Sunday, 18 July 2010

Stoke People

Sideburn's official DJ, Sir Johnny Alpha of the Killer Diller radio show turned up and played records, drank beer and smoked fags. He was half-cut before the end of the heats.
Sir Johnny's hardware.
Joe, chips. Skooter Farm might be able to perform without chips, but it couldn't cope without Joe.
This is young Alan. A couple of years ago Dave Skooter Farm told me about a fella who had a bunch of bikes, including some flat trackers. He didn't want to sell them, they were just sat rotting. Well, the fella is called Alan. This is his son. They turned up on this dog-rough TT500 framer, young Alan rode like an animal and went home with a trophy for rider of the day. Well deserved.
Austin: Search & Destroy
Trev: Honolulu Trucker
Co-Built camp: Geoff and Kysinia
This is my old mate Michael and his new bike. He sold a GSX-R1000K7 to buy this. He works for Held. They make good stuff.
Nice pipes, Mike.
Austin's mate's crazy tree and 3D fishing lure thing tattoo. Nice socks Austin.
Ben and Rich. Rich looking dapper in DSC neckerchief and Deus waxed cotton.


Austin said...

one of my favourite pairs for sure. lovin the way my jeans are halfmast, just like joey ramone on the cover of halfway to sanity....

Paul Baleta said...

Loving the Kenevel striped shirt there Ben!
Looks like was a great day on the clay... Hope to be joining you all in Buxton... if I can get the bike sorted. :-)