Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Don't forget: Stoke this Saturday

It's actually in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Get directions here.
Practice from 1:30, racing from 2:45. the only race this year that is FREE ENTRY.
There will be an almost full contingent of Skooter Farmers (Steve Red Max is still crocked, unfortunately), Ben Sideburn on his Project CCM; Marco on the Zaeta DT; Jacapo Monti... It's going to be great. If wet in village hall. GI


che.lynch said...

any mancunian sidesteppers wanna give me a lift down?



damn it - i wanna ride !
Still - just mot'd my Mercury and off to Americana with Sideburn girl for a weekend of chillin out - by order .
Race safe guys !