Monday, 8 November 2010

Ed's KH

From Ed in Colorado...

I have been building street trackers since the '70's. Funny that I hadn't found you since I am so obsessed with the damn things.
Started with KR's and XLR's. Right now I am days (weeks?) from finishing a (hopped up MZ engined) electric start C&J Rotax. Also working on an XR1000 in a Terry Knight frame. Every part on it is either NOS or custom made, so it is very slow in coming together. Chassis is nearly ready to receive the engine (which is currently at Phil Darcy's getting a bit of work). I am also riding a Mule (The Big Package) that I have converted to a street machine.
Thought you might enjoy a pic of my old bike after a shake-down run. The engine started with a set of new old stock KHK cases, and was built with lots of trick parts (like a Bob Hoh oil pump, Patrick Racing primary, and KR heads and cams).Frame was an original NOS KR-TT lowboy frame. Sandy Kosman set up the wheels and brakes in a NOS Ceriani RR fork. Condor Swiss Army gas tank. Ducati headlight brackets. Mallory electronic ignition, mandrel bent KR-TT style straight pipes and my seat and rear end.
Looking for pics of some of the others, but I really wasn't too good about such things back in the day.
Having a great time working my way through the mags you've sent,


baowah said...

the Condor A350 tank is killer.

Bob said...

Where in Colorado Ed? Your bike looks great, and I'd love to see the other projects.

- Garrett

kawa said...

Great looking bike.. just looks right


CDHE said...

I am just west of Boulder.