Thursday, 25 November 2010

Royal Enfield Fury

The British Royal Enfield importers, Watsonian Squire have built a special edition street tracker, the Fury. Prices haven't been announced. Expect £5500-ish. This is the official press release...

Styled by Watsonian Squire and based on the fuel-injected Royal Enfield Electra, the Fury is the first new model in 40 years to feature twin silencers, which allow the 499cc single cylinder engine to breathe more freely, producing a distinctive exhaust note.
Wide western style bars dominate the front end of the Fury, sitting on a specially made billet aluminium top yoke. The traditional nacelle, seen on all other models in the range, is replaced with a chrome headlight and digital instrument panel.
The design team at Watsonian also gave the rear end of the bike a radical makeover, replacing the twin saddle with a flat track style glass fibre seat unit, with a discrete tail light and chrome mini indicators.
“Following the introduction of the new fuel injected unit engine Royal Enfield appeals to a younger and more image-conscious customer base” comments Sales Director Ben Matthews. “We have been working on the Fury for 12 months to produce a machine for this group of riders.”
Pricing and availability will be announced at Motorcycle Live, which opens on 27th November 2010.


stevie coles said...

like the white one, theyre cafe racer looks good to.
nice to chug around on in the lazy summer months!!.

Anonymous said...

A younger and more image conscious group of riders well, that just about counts me out then, always a bit overawed at the blistering power output of the Roil Oilfield at the best of times and as for Fuel Injection'll certainly be fun, just hope the brakes can cope with it, I always found the front to be something to squeeze at times of extreme fear and the rear more useful as anti theft device good for locking the bike up....ahh but you just love em.....those Special Trick Indian ones are very sweet tho