Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Guzzi Lovers Milan Show Down

Good to finally meet Davide Caforio. Looking a lot like Captain Haddock from Tintin, but a lot better at doing the mashed potato. He had two bikes at Show Down, a looney rigid lakester (for want of a better pigeonhole) that he is building with Romano Brida, based on a 850 T5, de-railed, exposed Magni shaft-drive, 40mm Webber carb from an Alfa Romeo (also hails from Milan). And a saucy BOTT style racer with TZ250 hump and fairing, and period correct 16" front, 18" rear 3-spoke Dymags (?) BP

On closer inspection I noticed Davide's Devil-on-Absinthe eyes (this is not Photoshop, it's just what happens when untrained ears, unfiltered by the specially treated Japanese knitwear masks we wear, take their chances on the dancefloor when Skooter Farm Dave is on the deck (not decks; we're talking the rawest of LoFi DJing)

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stevie coles said...

love the white un.