Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Show Down Milan People

I love looking at bike show photos from around the world. Even though there is a generic hot rod or period correct chopper look/uniform, there is still a lot of room for local interpretation. And a lot of that was in evidence at the Milan Show Down.
A couple of Rumblers. Romano from the Rumblers was the driving force behind this great show.
Paolo from Zaeta. Too much for one woman, not enough for two.
This is bike show crowd Milan-style.
The DJ - the Blonde Pit Bull. Skooter Farm Dave took over the decks. Well, turned off the CD decks and started spinning his 7-inchers.
The bar was selling more cocktails than beer.
Euro flat track champion, Zaeta team rider and all-round legend Marco Belli called by and had a quick Campari. No, really.
Photographer Antonio Cellini. Nice sweatshirt Antonio.
Everyone likes having their photo taken in Italy.
This is photographer Carlito Schiliro, who shot the M&M's story for SB6, and his friend. You think a photographer would manage to keep his eyes open for a snap.
Killer fringe.
Paolo Sormani (left) and Roberto Ungaro from the world's second best motorcycle mag, Riders.
This lady kept walking past and stroking Project FT's tyre. She thought nobody was noticing, but we caught her.
We liked 'Till Death' on her throat.
Eye see.
Patch club.
Paparazzi.Chick magnet.
These two started jiving when Dave was on the decks.
Stefania from Mermaid.
Antonio, Stefania and Dario from Officine Mermaid.
Mermaid crew re-enacting The Clash 1977.
My old friend Mick Phillips came by, wore a West Brom coloured balaclava (for that essential psychadelic terrorist look that is going to be so 'now' in three year's time) and spoke Italian to people who didn't have the decency to speak perfect English.


Rocket68 said...

Paolo Sormani alias Muz ! my friend ;-)

anche questo appuntamento me lo sono perso , ma mi rifarò a Verona

Mick P said...

Trapped between me and Gary is the lovely Kikka. Poor girl. And on project FT at the top of the post is Anna, who caused an unseemly camera-scrum when she climbed aboard. I don't remember many names from that superb night, but funnily enough those two stuck.


More on the killler fringe broad...please.

Anonymous said...

hey, that Kikka is one KICKASS huni.....

Austin said...

good on Dave for getting some vinyl on the decks, playing CDs aint DJing!
girl with fringe - wowzers!

cookey said...

man I wish I'd made the effort to get across to Milan for the show now I'm looking at these photo's.... next year for sure if they're doin it again?

and where'd you get those stripey balaclavas???

stevie coles said...

why do the balaclavas have to wait three yrs to be in?.
i want a sideburn one in my hosier for xmas!!.

Guy@GK said...

Skooter Farm? Drove past their van on the M1 on Monday afternoon.

Thought I recognised the name from somewhere...