Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Euro Tache Action

My new best friend Antonio is an ex-olympic boxer (Italian team Seoul 1988) who now trains pit-bulls. Sadly didn't get a shot of the Hills Race film presenter who was sporting a MacDonald's golden arch style growth. The Viva's Pinups book we were selling was popular with Milanese boys and girls, and sold out (but we've stocked up again). BP


Anonymous said...

shoot hipsters

Sideburn Magazine said...

What's this anonymous hating sullying our blog? What's the problem, that little cult doesn't wear the exact same clothes as your preferred little cult? Stop worrying about what other tribes do and be glad this isn't North Korea.
The best thing about the Milan Showdown was the fact the bikes and people all came from different backgrounds: hipsters literally rubbed shoulders with Hell's Angels and flat track bikes nudged sat between a Vyrus and a bobber.
Viva diversity! Gary

Anonymous said...

Thats a rant.. Actually anonymous beacuse I do not have a Google account. It was just a fun comment, tongue in cheek comment, I sell pushbikes to hipsters. Just amuses me that everybody is doing the same thing at the same time and being individualistic(?) at the same time..Dont trend on me as they somewhere else.
Keep on having fun my friend and yes Viva diversity

Sideburn Magazine said...

Not everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. If you think that, you're living in a tiny universe with a radius 15o yards from the Truman brewery. Look further and you'll see the hipsters (for want of a better expression) are infinitely more interesting than the sheep watching X Factor and shopping at Primark or whatever, but even those guys don't deserve to be knocked. Find some like-minded people, whatever they wear or ride, and have some harmless fun.
Sermon over.
And even if you don't have a google account you can still sign your name. Like this.
Gary Sideburn (well, not like that, because that's my name)

pushrodmofo said...

I'd like to counter the negativity with some love - wish I could attend some of the parties you guys throw / go to - I don't care who is in attendance, always looks like a good time. Sadly the cold weather is setting in and trolling is on the rise. Can't wait for the next issue.