Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dick Mann Spotting

Garrett, wearing Dick Mann, with his Aermacchi
Travis, 747, chasing down the leader.
This is from Travis, one of our favourite Sideburn friends, about Garrett, one of our favourite Sideburn friends...

Yo G.
How goes it? Hope all is mighty fine.
I met Garrett at the local races in Erie at IMI last weekend. Seen him on the Sideblog before and of course upon meeting him I could tell by his character and bike he is the real deal. (who else reads Sideburn?)
Good times at the track as usual. Much. Newbold 747

Here's the thing - Garrett is wearing one of Sideburn's mythical Dick shirts, the first we ever did. We always say we're not going to reprint any of our old designs, but I love that shirt (and lots of others, including Crazy Dave that sold out in a blink). It seems a bit daft not to reprint it. Or is that some sort of betrayal? Will owners of the original be miffed we reprinted? I haven't discussed this with Ben, just thinking out loud. G


Garrett302 said...

Did Travis mention that he's DANG FAST??? Watched his back tire get smaller and smaller in the vintage class, and that guy he's chasing in the photo #58 is Davey Durelle, GNC plate holder, suspension guru, and Pike's Peak record holder. Some good company.

So, yea, if someone's the real deal it's Travis!

I say, what the heck, print up some more! Keep that cash flowing. I want to be reading sideburn til I'm old and grey.

Flat Track rules.

originalracingsnake said...

My Mann hoody is fooked, so I need another. It is shredded from being worn in all weathers under, and over my leathers. It has spray paint on it and has been used as a pillow in a muddy field.

Do some more, I can then hang up my original as awarning to the next one....

gb said...

Print! Print! Print!

I missed out last time. One minute Crazy Dave's up for grabs, next minute he's gone man, solid gone!

Nick said...

"Keep the Faith" one run and thats it, good idea, don't water it down

Anonymous said...

always forward, never back.
use your history to inspire the next idea.
do a bear turd hoodie to keep drakey warm in is antipodean home!!.

Anthony Brown said...

fuck it too many rules. People want em print em. Keep life simple. Its not like you just let Primark copy the design!

Maybe drakey should just wrap himself in a bear turd. Selfish man that he is. Leaving us for a promise land. Who's going to run over me now!

Jet Lag....

dave skooter farm said...

How about a print run in a different colour? That way the 1st editions remain unique?