Thursday, 29 September 2011

GI in RS

After two years writing a column about motorbikes and stuff for GQ Italia I've left and I'm now writing a monthly column (about motorbikes and stuff) for Rolling Stone Italia. How the hell did that happen? The best editor I've ever worked for (and I work with some good ones), Michele Lupi, is in charge. Go and buy it. Andiamo! G
UPDATE. I posted the wrong cover (I haven't seen the mag yet). Below is the correct one. Hoping to do some bigger features for them soon.
UPDATE 2: Riccardo, the designer at Fantic/SWM Motorcycles in Treviso reads Rolling Stone. Nice lid Riccardo!


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

It might have something to do with that you are damn good!

Rolling Stone. That is big. Congrats!

steve gayton said...

That's very cool Gary and well deserved.

Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Is it Hunter S. Thompson's old column? Very cool, well done mate! ;)

Marco the 6 said...

Bravo gary !!! good choice-the best !!!

jan said...

Well done, is there an English copy of your articles, likewise for your French Cafe Racer articles.

Carlito said...


love how you always keep a foot in Italy