Sunday, 18 September 2011

Knoxville half-mile

Action from last weekend's Knoxville half-mile.
An Aprilia made it to the Main! 40, is Aaron King - he came 10th. This is the semi. 73, Doug Lawrence made it through, so did M20 Matt Weidman, but 17 Wiles didn't.32, Shawn Baer on the Bonneville Performance Triumph going in hard. He just missed out on the main. 26 Brandon Bergen made it through. Aussie Mick Kirkness, 87, missed out. With 14 bikes in MotoGP it's hard for people who don't know the GNC to realise the quality of riders not making the main.S. Halbert, J. Johnson.
Johnny, Knoxville. Lewis came 6th in the main (with a Sideburn sticker on his bike).
23 Carver, 27 Pearson.
Johnny Lewis, 10, Kawasaki; 12 Brad Baker.
62 is Luke Gough. Front row start, but had trouble in the Main.
Knoxville result: 1st Mees, 2nd Johnson, 3rd Halbert
GNC Combined standings: 1. Mees, 321. 2. Halbert, 317. 3. Johnson, 312.

Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing


Hairy Larry said...

Go Sammy!

Calkins said...

I was helping Bill Gately with his #32 Triumph at Knoxville. We fought carb problems all day. Missed the main by one transfer spot. There's always next year!

Also, Aaron King #40 is a home boy, from Iowa as well. He did well!