Wednesday, 14 September 2011

This Saturday: Rye House Racing

Saturday night racing under the floodlights.

The final round of the UK GNC (though there's another club race to come in Scunthorpe). Aidan Collins is in a prime spot to retain his number 1 plate, but Tom Woolley can win the championship. Thunderbikes and minibike support classes.

Rye House Speedway Stadium, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11 0EH


Anonymous said...

should look good under the lights, bring it on!!.

Drakey72 said...

I'm gonna make it! Woo hoo!

McQmoto said...

Boastie should be straddling the Yam if we can quieten it down a bit - they have sensitive lugholes at Rye House.

Anonymous said...

Shame, nicest sounding bike out there.