Sunday 11 September 2011

Shayna Texter wins Knoxville Half-Mile

25A, Shayna Texter in attack mode. 10z is Briar Bauman.
She ain't no heavyweight. Look at the size differential.
Shayna Texter, who we featured back in Sideburn 5, won the Pro Singles class (the support class) at the Knoxville half-mile on Saturday night. That is something special. The champs of this class tend to make an instant impression when they move up to Expert. The other top female racer, who also featured in SB5, Nichole Cheza, came 7th in the expert main, I think her best result of the season. Good going. G
Photos: AMA Pro Racing


Justin Calkins said...

I was standing inside of turn three for the mains. I was my first GNC race, and it con't be topped. That little girl kicked all kinds of butt! Bauman even put a slighty dirt move on Shayna to push her up out of the groove. She fought back and took the spot back the next lap. That girl is goin places! I'm glad she was able to do this for her family.

Nick said...