Saturday, 24 September 2011

Project Royal Enfield: Want List

CFM are getting on with Sideburn's Project RE. Jason donated a genuine Indian rear mudguard (not from India, from Illinois). The rear brake is Performance Machine on an A&A dirt track hanger. The seat is a stock Enfield twin seat cut-down and mounted on a hinge and springs.

Now we need some stuff you might have.

1. A Honda CRF450 front disc - either MX or supermoto spec.
2. A modern motocross rear brake lever/master cylinder/pivot assembly. Something from Honda/Yam/Suzuki/KTM, clean condition.
3. Honda CFR450 front brake master cylinder and lever.

Email us at gary.inman @ with details of what you've got and how much you want for it. Thanks G


Chris said...

looking really good! I've got more modest plans with my Bullet but right now I'm just enjoying riding it.

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Cool to see the progress, I like it!

Will you use those bars or more FT ones?

Done this year?

Haven't got any of the parts you need unfortunately.