Friday, 16 September 2011

Michael's XS650

Hi Gary,
Because I enjoy every days pics and other info on Sideburns blog and do really like the mag I would like to submit some pictures of my home-build XS650 street tracker. At first I build a cafe racer of this stock bike but after a few years and some returning polyester-tankcoating problems I found Sideburn blog and Mule's website.
They were the ignition to start this project. After I found this aluminium YZ400 tank (a must have) the build was started.The engine was already tweaked in the cafe racer;-710cc big-bore-racing cam-Mikuni's 34-and all the small parts like big oil pump and stuff. (that's the down-side from living nearby XS650 (candystore) specialist, Heiden-tuning.) The riding is super-fun both on and offroad.
Best regards and please keep up the good work!
Michel van RossenThe Netherlands.


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Tasty tracker! I like it.

Father Ted said...

Nice alternative tank and pipes, would love to hear it.