Monday, 26 September 2011

Egg Salad, Neon Brown and Sodium Distortion

Jason's first run on the improved Sodium Distortion
Rotax power.
Egg salad. Great name for a great bike.

I only get a single email from Jason Omer in Washington per year, but it's always a good one.

Hello Gary, I wanted you to see two Rotax creations built by Mark and Carl Bjorkland at SuperRat for this years BUB speed trial at Bonneville. Our team Sodium Distortion adopted them and they didn't disappoint. I have also included a picture of my record breaking 1000cc Buell speed bike, top speed 160mph. Thank you, Jason Omer.

I've just noticed Super Rat are from Bellingham, WA, the home of the mighty Estrus record label. Totally irrelevant, but it made me smile. G


Austin said...

And the mighty X-Rays from Nottingham wrote a song called Bellingham too!

Jeremy Melling said...

Like the clip-ons on Neon Brown.

Nick said...

Now can I do Springfield 11 and Speed Week in one trip?

capnsimo said...

Hey we was with the Bunnymen in Bellingham back in 91 and seemed like no one ever heard of the place, great Gig ended up with very drunken people climbing a giant tower crane, I mean right to the cab, it was really high, me and Les arguing over relevant controls, its all coming back to me, the next day was a one off Vancouver trip with a $7,000 dollar Canadian customs bust at 6 in the morning for illegal importation of non approved T shirts, it wasn't helped by Damon insisting they were not entitled to have a picture of OUR Queen Elizabeth in pride of place in their seedy customs booth
Blah Blah