Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Black Arrow update

The Black Arrow is progressing, slowly, but in the right direction. I bought a completely different engine, from Pete at Eat the Rich's eBay page. Why did I need another engine? The full story is in Performance Bikes (that runs updates on this project every month).
I made a seatbase I thought looked great and took it to Steve Adams (who made the seat for Sideburn's Project FT and the Sideburn Royal Enfield) and he turned his nose up at it, then fettled it into shape.
The Black Arrow is now at Racefit for a full titanium Legend exhaust system. Oh boy! G
Racefit HQ: where dreams come true.
Early Fireblade and Z900 tanks with RCD twin fillers. The Black Arrow has one of these endurance fillers. They're machined from billet in the UK. Amazing things. Racefit then make the platforms to fit them to tanks.
Jon, one of Racefit's co-owners. The other is Phil, who was busy welding. Jon is looking at wheels he's bought for a future four-wheeled project. What a man.
Jon's 'going to the sandwich shop' bike.
Below, Racefit's first toe in the water of short filmmaking.


Nick said...

Nice fixed wheel, what's the frame?

Anonymous said...

Looking menacing G!.
r the forks kicked out slightly, or is it just the camera angle?.

KrookStreetRacing said...

Looks ace. I'm jealous.

Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Looking great!

Paul Baleta said...

Lookin' like a mean machine so far!