Sunday, 15 April 2012

RG Boots

This from our friends at Fantic/SWM. The boss there, Federico Fregnan, is a super-enthusiast and also owns the rights to classic Italian MX boots, RG. He's been planning to remake them for a while and has finally found the time.

'I am pleased to inform you that our legendary boots RG are available again.
As promised we have partnered with an Italian craftsman who works in the area of Montebelluna (Treviso), which uses only Italian leathers, which has a small team of collaborators in Italy and who believes in things done well.

We Redid the boots by following every detail of what was the shoe art of the past, we used a sole made from Vibram and after long research we also found the same mythical buckles used in golden off-road years.

The boot RG was the first to be used by teams like SWM, Fantic Motor, KTM and many others.
It was used by those great champions who still admire or remember their amazing sports feats.

Well now you can have them in "Black" or "Black & Red" color.
• Available sizes from 40 to 46.
• Cost EUR 240.00 + VAT (The cost of transport is excluded)
• You can order them via mail by indicating quantity, size, color, your data with vat n°, and place of shipment.
· Payment can be made by bank swift transfer.

Look forward to your orders via fax: + 39.0422.490620 or email


Harley said...
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Harley said...

Be still my beating heart!

And the gurlies say us chaps don't understand footwear!

Nick said...


Hot Shoe said...

Lovely boots. Nearly as nice as the SIDI Joel Robert signature boots i had in the 70s.

paul craven said...

hey all I have a pair of Italian MX boots, RG which I bought in the 80,s ..the rubber stretch fasners have rotted and the shin guards disintegrated apart from that they are the same boots I wore back then question is can anyone help me to find the missing parts so I can fix them plz

Mick P said...

Paul, have you tried emailing the people in the main article?

Carlos Campos García said...

Does anybody know if anyone has a license in the US for these?

Collin said...

hey carlos, I've considered being a US distributor for these boots if there's enough interest.. Im in talks with them now. Just got a pair my self.. They're great