Thursday, 3 December 2009

50p Bargain Ducati

First came across this bike on the Short Track UK website as Boastie spotted it at Indy back in November. Raced by Kurt Marmor, it's based on a 749, so probably cost a bit more than 50p. BP

50p was built by Dale Lineaweaver, who also built that nutty BMW
I want to feature in SB magazine.


#15 said...

Dale Lineaweaver

Sideburn Magazine said...

Wow #15
Über link thanks

KrookStreetRacing said...

I wonder what the weight advantage is over the Harleys? If there is any...

Street Ducatis are surprisingly heavy considering all the trick bits and materials.

BTW: are 4 cyl motors (four stroke) allowed in flat track racing?


Sideburn Magazine said...

Whats the weird holy plate thing on the back of the silencer?

Anonymous said...

and the big square tank in front of the back wheel?!.
stevie 28

Anonymous said...

AMA Pro Flat track Racing rules state that no more than five inches may exist between the
motorcycle and exhaust. Albeit, most entries do not abide by said rule, it is a rule I not [only] abide, I also endorse.

Why such a rule?

Very easy during close competition for a rider to feed his front wheel in between a large opening and stand both riders up.
Such most often results in serious injury and severe motorcycle damage.

It was a no brainer to simply make a "deflection plate" both to clear tech and improve safety.

Dale [Lineaweaver, who built the bike]

Sideburn Magazine said...

More from Dale, the man behind this bike,

Four cylinders are not allowed.
The Aluminum box forward of the rear wheel contains electronics.
The motorcycle is fuel injected with Electronic Engine Management also controlling ignition and providing data logging capabilities.
Weight is on par with a current XR 750.
Thank you for your interest.
Dale Lineaweaver