Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cactus Jack

Is it just on this strange island I once again call home that they save all the most boring television until Christmas, and then for added aggravation show repeats of the 'classics' on the big day? Or is that the same the world over? Reading a book is a much better idea. This one written by Mick Foley; aka Cactus Jack, even has seasonal and booze references. The American mountain earned the title of 'Hardcore Legend' by making a bloody mess of his opponents on the world wrestling circuit. His bulk makes our home-grown Sunday Sport 'Giant Haystack' look like a playground weed - although he did have a run-in with British Bulldog Dynamite Kid who left him temporarily hospitalized. 'Swimming through a morass of crudity and violence, Andy [Tietam Brown] is stunned to find himself pursued by the highschool homecoming queen - a born again Christian...'. This isn't a gore fest, it's intelligent. Highly recommended. BP

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