Monday, 28 December 2009

UK Indoor Short Track success!

Couldn't make it to Short Track UK's indoor meet, but I've spoken to a few people and it sounds like it was a great success. 23-year-old Coventry Speedway rider Edward Kennett smoked the best in Europe on a very tight circuit. The venue was full to capacity (which is over 3000) with 200 poor sods being turned away at the gate (Boastie warned you to get tickets in advance on this very blog). Marco brought the Zaeta home 4th. Some of the UK's fastest didn't even make the semis!
Looks like it will be a regular date. Well done to Pete and Jackie. GI

UPDATE: This just in from Rus Scott...
I was at the indoor meeting yesterday in Braintree. it was a great day with standing room only in the packed arena. I didn't get any where near the semis what with the standard of riders but it was still a cool experience. Here is a helmet cam video from a practice session. happy new year Rus #21r

Watch for where Justin 'Harga' Hargate (of the Wainfleet MegaBowl) comes underneath him.

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Anonymous said...

ill 2nd that, tough racin.
still good to be there thou.
maybe a "b" final aswell nxt yr?.
stevie 28.