Thursday, 24 December 2009


From Jason...

Private number plates. Great aren’t they? What better way of showing off to the driving public that your intials are JC and are 37 years old or perhaps live at number 37.
If I had £49,995 spare I’d definatley spend it on JC 37. And they say you can’t buy cool.

I guess it’s the modern equivelant of that story in the Bible, where Michael Palin puts a really fat donkey in his garden, yet has no food in his fridge. What a show off.

Here in England you can’t just have any old letters and numbers, you have to choose from a list, which means a certain amount of inginuety is required, aswell as pots of cash. For example if I wanted to tell the world exactly what car I drive, I’d have to spend £22,000 on 4UDI. Or indeed how about the very popular lady at the end of my street, who has, SHAG5 4 $. What if I were a Hedge Fund Manager? I’d have G4RDEN. No, silly that’s not really what a Hedge Fund Manager does, I’d probably have TH1EF. However I am not a Hedge Fund Manager, but infact a bit of a retard and as a consquence do not have much money, which would of been OK if my name was Kaz, Taz or Maz and my lucky number 5431, then £350 would suffice. But it is not, well, 5431 is my lucky number but my name is not Kaz.

So how do I cash in on this ultimate expression of individualisum with just £10? Take a bow Mr BMW 110T. Whats so special about that? Well let me tell you, this clever fellow put a black bolt inbetween the, one’s, which made it read BMW HOT, what an ingenius genius.

Tadarrrrrrrr.......My Triumph’s 985 EBM is instantly transformed into SIDEBURN if you squint a bit. OK SDEBUM anyway, but what do you expect for £3? and enough change to make a plate for my house. RO5E CO77AGE.



Anonymous said...

jason, i think you need to get out more m8!.
think of the structural integrity of that plate wi all them holes drilled in it!!.
stevie 28

Reg Plates said...

It made me laugh anyway. Okay you might have overdone it with the strategically placed fixing bolts, but I have seen similar examples on roads up and down the country.