Monday, 21 December 2009

Made in the UK, painted in the USA, riding in B.A.

More from Buenos Aires, from Sideburn reader Alejo

Wow, I just saw that beautiful bob job on your blog and a remembered I owe you pictures of sideburn #4 in BA ( Buenos Aires). For now here is one of my Bonneville project. Is coming along very nice, the handlebars are vintage national speedway, rear shocks from a kawa z1000 and the seat was hand made by me. I also have an Avon Roadrunner tire in the front and a nice Dunlop on the back. Mufflers custom made. Hope you like it.
I'm glad to read that you like "futbol" (haha) im a fan of ATLANTA a third category football team , but very tough.and if any of you ever come back to Argentina I'd be glad to take you see a match at "popular" with the local hooligans.
Soon pictures of sideburn #4 in "chacarita" my neighborhood .
keep up the good work!!!!
If you ever need something from BA, I'm here.
PS. id love to get in touch with the owner of the bike you posted, perhaps you can give him my mail.
PS 2. The davida helmet , made in the UK, painted in the USA, riding in B.A.
Alejo P.

Alejo. I love the bike. I am a fan of Leeds United, also a third category team. GI


Skylar said...

He makes a nice seat, for sure.

Anders said...

Ooh. Love it. And love BA.