Sunday, 14 March 2010

Maxwell Paternoster

6 months ago I found this image floating around the internet and contacted knowledgeable graphic friends to see if they knew who the artists was - but to no avail....Then by chance yesterday on Otto Nero, I came across a photo; with illustration, by Richard Baybutt a young up and coming photographer who I met recently. The rusty cogs in my brain started to turn. Following the Hänsel and Gretel crumb trail I soon reached the source, to the excellent Maxwell Paternoster. We plan to have him onboard good ship Sideburn soon. BPPhotobucket


mark@mwa said...

Love his stuff.

I randomly came across Corpses From Hell (great name) a while back and whilst looking back through the blog realised I'd almost bid on his BSA bobber on ebay 6 months before that. Small world this interweb thing.

cookey said...

snap, i just read this whilst wearing my prized CFH MG T-shirt.